NEWSHA HIGH CLASS Red Carpet Hairspray

Strong hairspray for a long-lasting, reliable hold with brown sugar crystals.

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Strong hold for any hair style

The Red Carpet Hairspray by NEWSHA gives even the finest hair an ultra-strong hold without sticking. Whether it's a glamorous updo, extravagant braided hairstyle or elaborately created curls - the brown sugar crystals guarantee a reliable hold and supply the hair with moisture.

The brown sugar crystals wrap around your hair like a protective shield. This will reduce frizz while styling. In addition, the sugar crystals give the hair more volume, shine and optimal grip for glamorous styles.

- Ultra-strong hairspray for a reliable hold
- Ideal for fine hair
- Increases volume
- Brilliant shine
- Non sticky

Spray onto dry hair from a sufficient distance or, alternatively, emphasize or fix individual areas or strands of hair after styling.

Brown sugar is an ideal moisture carrier. It settles on the hair and prevents the hair from dehydration. The sugar crystals wrap around each individual hair and form protective shield. This avoids frizz, while the hair structure still gains grip - a practical effect, especially when styling. The crystals care for your hair, give it a radiant shine and add more volume to any styling.

Apply hairspray before styling for more grip.

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