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NEWSHA CLASSIC Deluxe Dry Shampoo

Ultra-fine dry shampoo with power formula for all hair types. Reliably absorbs excess sebum and gives the hair a pleasant feeling - as if freshly washed. Thanks to the texturing properties, it also gives a full and well-groomed look.

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Dry shampoo for stringy and greasy hair.

Reliably absorbs and neutralizes excess sebum, deposits and odors - for a full, fresh and well-groomed look.

- removes sebum and deposits

- gives volume and fullness

- gives the hair grip

- fresh smell

- Well-groomed hair in all situations

Use on dry hair. Shake bottle well before use. Spray the spray onto the hairline from a distance of 20 cm and massage in thoroughly with your fingers. Brush out from the roots to the tips and then style as usual.

Valuable rice powder has an absorbent and antioxidant effect thanks to the high content of natural oryzanol. In addition, it is particularly suitable for hair that greases quickly, as it naturally binds excess sebum.

In the case of a very quickly greasy approach, apply dry shampoo to dry hair immediately after washing. This directly prevents re-greasing.

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