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NEWSHA Intense Repair Boost

Highly concentrated care treatment with instant repair effect for visibly healthy, strengthened hair.

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Care booster for deep-acting hair build-up - with anti-hair breakage stop.

The highly concentrated booster immediately improves the feel of the hair and maximises the conditioning effect of the NEWSHA Treatments Masques.

The hair is immediately noticeably and visibly strengthened and the tensile strength of the hair is increased. Thanks to the special and highly effective formula, even the most severe hair damage is regenerated. The hair is moisturised and the hair structure is intensively cared for with essential care and nutrients. Split ends and hair breakage are stopped immediately.

The result: noticeably strong, healthy and regenerated hair.

- Accumulates amino acids and proteins inside the hair.

- instant repair effect

- stops split ends and hair breakage

- improves the tensile strength of the hair

- gives the hair stability and resilience

- moisturises the hair

- maximises the conditioning effect of NEWSHA masks and treatments

The frequency of application depends on the porosity of the hair. The Intense Repair Boost should be used in intervals.

For highly porous hair, it is recommended to alternate with a solo application of the desired masque or treatment.

For normal porous hair, Intense Repair Boost should be used every 3rd wash.

Wash and towel dry hair. Spray Intense Repair Boost on lengths and ends and comb through hair. Leave on for 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

Work NEWSHA Treatment or Masque of choice into hair.  

Deep Treatment Masque -> nourishes and moisturises the hair.
Mild Care Masque -> soft and soothing repair treatment, ideal for irritated scalps.
All about Smooth Treatment -> smoothes and soothes the hair structure
Flawless Repair Treatment -> builds hair
Excellent Volume Masque -> grip and volume 

Leave on for a further 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Then use a conditioner.

Chemical, thermal and environmental influences can stress and attack the hair. The result: The keratin core in the hair is damaged, holes and cracks appear inside the hair, which cause the hair to become brittle, porous and dull. The Intense Repair Boost rebuilds the lost hair's own basic substances inside the hair. Thanks to the fine amino acids, the product succeeds in penetrating particularly deeply into the hair and filling the holes and cracks in the hair.

The hair is thus rebuilt from the inside out, and the effect of the subsequent care is intensified and enhanced. The Intense Repair Boost thus doubles the effect of the NEWSHA treatments/masques - with an immediate effect.

Blow-dry the hair before use, then spray on the Intense Repair Boost. Application to towel-dried hair maximises the absorption of the active ingredient.

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