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Are you looking for a new haircare brand for your salon?

Are you currently planning your own business? Or are you about to open a new salon and you are still missing the perfect partner who is modern, focused on the essentials and lifestyle-oriented?

You have found what you are looking for.

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In ♡ with NEWSHA - what our clients say about us.

Customer loyalty is very important to us. With our haircare, we not only want to meet our customers needs, we want to exceed them. Every new Newsha hairdresser becomes part of our community. Because NEWSHA is more than just a business for us.

But who can describe NEWSHA’s philosophy and principles better than our dear partner hairdressers?

The people who use our products every day and whose mission is perfectly groomed and beautiful hair. In all facets. The promise of salon quality is just proof that we stand behind our partner hairdressers.


NEWSHA is perfection because the overall package is just right - not only the products but also the people that stand behind NEWSHA and work for the business. ONCE NEWSHA ALWAYS NEWSHA !!!



NEWSHA has become like family to me. Great people, varied training courses, exciting events and an all-round service. What more could a hairdresser ask for?



For me, NEWSHA is the perfect partner in the salon because I can recognize, feel and sense the attention to detail and the great expertise in every product.


I choose NEWSHA because the products keep their promises. Hairdresser exclusivity - cruelty free - natural ingredients - maximum quality! color by NEWSHA is the best hair color I have ever worked with.



I choose NEWSHA with full conviction. The products are tailored precisely to every hair's needs and are perfect for my clients in my salon.



NEWSHA is just too good to be true. It is a real enrichment for me and my team, for the hairdressing world and also for all of our customers! My team and I love it!



My customers and I love NEWSHA more than anything. For me it is the non plus ultra. It is a highlight in all areas. No other haircare brand can hold a candle to NEWSHA. My NEWSHA sales partner is just great. 1000% reliability and trust.



We love working with NEWSHA because it brings out the best of our hair. Our customers are crazy about NEWSHA and the care effect. The brand is absolutely contemporary and convinces us every day.