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NEWSHA HIGH CLASS Excellent Volume Masque

Volume mask for more volume, fullness and grip - with extracts of manioc root.

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More volume and grip for fine hair

The NEWSHA HIGH CLASS Excellent Volume Masque with the power of cassava root gives hair an extra portion of volume, fullness and texture. The mask is ideal for giving hair more volume even before blow-drying. Also suitable for curly hair.

The Volume Masque contains the valuable extracts of the cassava root. This root, which is less well known to us, has long been considered a superfood, especially in Africa and Asia, due to its extraordinary vitamin and mineral content. They strengthen the hair from the root to the tips, giving it an extra portion of volume.

• Volume mask for fullness and grip
• Ideal to give volume to the hair before blow-drying
• Especially suitable for fine hair
• Gives the hair texture

Work into the washed hair. Application time: 5-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. If desired, use a light conditioner afterwards.

The cassava root is known as superfood, especially in the African and Asian regions. Due to its high content of vitamins B, C and K, the cassava root has a cell-promoting and restorative effect. The minerals zinc and iron optimally strengthen the hair follicles and allow the hair to grow back strongly. Hair breakage and hair loss can also be prevented.

In combination with NEWSHA Classic Sweet & Salty Beach Spray the hair gets even more grip.

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